IMAP's Managed Account Awards 2024

Submission of IMAP 2024 Award Entries are now closed

Entries are now closed and judging is commencing

The finalists in each category will be announced on 1st August 2024




Commendation to each of the IMAP Awards 2021 Category Finalists


IMAP Managed Account Industry Awards 2024

Recognising best in class for Managed Account Licensees, Innovators, and Investment providers including Responsible Investing Portfolios and Boutique Licensees

Award Entry Details & Useful Information

Managed Accounts are an important component of the way in which Licensees and Advisers implement their advice to clients, and IMAP wants to ensure that best practice amongst investment managers and licensees is promoted and recognised.

The IMAP Managed Account Awards are selected by a panel of experienced investment professionals. They understand the portfolio construction and investment selection process through their experience on investment committees, in running managed account and fund portfolios and through their hands on involvement in the development of managed account portfolios.

Why Enter?

Being a finalist, let alone a winner, in the IMAP Managed Accounts Awards brings with it the recognition of your peers that your processes and service to investors is regarded as high quality.

Success in the Awards will demonstrate to your staff, advisers and clients what it is that sets your services apart and you’ll have the logos and trophy to prove it.

As a winner, you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in IMAP events and conferences as a leading example of how managed accounts can be successfully integrated into advice practices

We encourage you to enter in the IMAP MANAGED ACCOUNT AWARDS and be recognised for the part your organisation plays in our industry  ...

2 April 2024


2 April 2024

24 May 2024


30 May 2024


30 May 2024

1 August 2024


5 August 2024


5 August 2024

Thursday 22th August 2024


6pm - 8pm AEST Sydney
Venue to be advised


General Criteria:

The portfolio needs to be offered through a managed account structure with the following features:

  • Recognised legal structure – registered MIS, MDA, IDPS Like, IDPS model, IMA and SMA
  • Investments directly held by or on behalf of each investor i.e. not a pooled structure
  • Model based
  • Clear discretion held by the portfolio or investment manager

The portfolio needs to have a clear objective and a benchmark

Submissions which outline a related fund rather than a managed account structure will not be considered

If the managed account is operated entirely as an outsourced arrangement, it must be provided uniquely to the entrant.

Asset Class portfolios including Responsible Investing Portfolios:

Please note that for the Multi Asset Class and Responsible Investing Portfolio submissions, only Balanced Portfolios or equivalent “median client” portfolios should be submitted.

Judging will take into account:

  • Performance over time periods of 1 and 3 years
  • Risk measures including SD and Sharpe ratio
  • Weighted average cost of investment both directly and considering the underlying investments
  • Qualitative criteria including the resources available to the portfolio management organisation and the structure
  • Investment Management structure and resourcing

Licensee and Boutique LIcensee Managed Account Portfolios

Please note that for the Licensee and Boutique Licensee Managed Account Portfolio only Balanced Portfolios or equivalent “median client” portfolios should be submitted

The criteria applied to the Asset Class portfolios will apply, however, in addition the judges will consider

  • The investment committee structure and resourcing
  • The way in which the portfolios reflect the advice firm’s investment philosophy and appear to be integrated with it
  • How the Managed Account Service fits with the Client Advice proposition
  • Supporting materials, in particular the client and adviser communications about portfolio management and portfolio changes

Boutique Licensee Managed Account Portfolio
The criteria for being a Boutique licensee is having 60 or less authorised representatives or advisers, and Funds under Management "FUM" of no more than $750 million held via Managed Accounts, and be operating a Managed Account Program on which the entry submission will be based.

Innovation Award

This is a broad category which recognises those activities which have been designed to improve the:

  • Operation and process of managed accounts
  • Adoption by advisers and licensees
  • Investment options
  • Technology used to support managed accounts
  • Other functions the judges think worthy of recognition as innovative
    Suggestion - if you wish to clarify whether your development meets the criteria please get in touch with Jenny Phimleut IMAP Program DIrector on 


Please note that you may enter more than one category but a separate submission is required for each category that you enter, and only one entry per category is allowed.
- Innovation
- Licensee Managed Account Portfolios
- Boutique Licensee Managed Account Portfolios
- Investment Asset Classes (Australian Equities / Australian Equities Small Cap
/ International Equities / Multi Asset / Australian Fixed Interest)
- Responsible Investing Portfolios


If entering in an Investment Asset Class, Responsible Investing Portfolio, Boutique Licensee, or Licensee category, please note that there are three parts to completing your submission:
Part 1 is to complete the Quantitative Data Spreadsheet
Part 2 is to complete all fields of the relevant category online submission form and submit this with all attachments and,
Part 3 is to pay the entry fee for each category you enter for the amount of $245 plus GST via IMAP's Stripe payment gateway for credit cards only. Note you will receive an email confirmation of your payment in the form of an IMAP tax invoice.

3. COMPLETE AND SUBMIT YOUR SUBMISSION FORM (Select Category from Buttons below)

The online submission form ideally needs to be filled out and completed in one session, although you can save and then resume, but note that your attachments need to be added just before you submit your entry .

The easiest way is to complete your entry is to highlight all the text in the entry form and "copy and paste" it into a blank Word Document to prepare all your answers offline. Then simply paste your answers back into the on-line submission.

You will receive an email confirming your submission with a copy of all information submitted.

An Entry Fee is required to be paid as part of your submission, and you will see this in the Thank you for your Entry screen at the end of the submission process, and again in the Thank you email from IMAP which contains all the details of your submission. The message reads "Please click here to open a new window to pay the Awards entry fee via the IMAP Stripe credit card payment gateway

You will receive confirmation of payment and a tax invoice by email. Please note that there are different questions for each of the 5 types of Categories, so please be sure to select the correct category for your submission from the choices as below below:

- Licensee
- Boutique Licensee
- Investment Asset Classes
- Responsible Investing Portfolio
- Innovation


Please Note:
A presentation to the Judging panel may be required of Finalists in the Licensee, Boutique LIcensee, and Innovation Categories(only).

You will be contacted by the IMAP Awards team if a presentation is required from you.


General Criteria:

  1. What constitutes a Boutique Licensee?

    The criteria for being a Boutique licensee is having 60 or less authorised representatives or advisers, and Funds under Management "FUM" of no more than $750 million held via Managed Accounts, and be operating a Managed Account Program on which the entry submission will be based.
  2. What are the Judges looking for in the Innovation category?


    This is a broad category which recognises those activities which have been designed to improve the:

    • Operation and process of managed accounts
    • Adoption by advisers and licensees
    • Investment options
    • Technology used to support managed accounts
    • Other functions the judges think worthy of recognition as innovative

    To be successful, innovation must advance the adoption and / or utility of managed accounts and be genuinely innovative.

  3. What Legal Structures qualitfy?

    The portfolio that you are entering in a category needs to be offered through a managed account structure with one of the following legal structures:

    - Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)
    - MDA
    - IDPS
    - IDPS "like"
    - registered Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) but not unitised or pooled vehicles

  4. Should the Fees to be provided in the Data Submission Spreadsheet incl GST and RITC (Reduced Input Tax Credit)?

    The Fees provided in your submission should include GST less RITC
    (if applicable).

  5. What is the process if judges are conflicted due to their affiliation with an organisation submitting an entry into the awards?

    If an awards judge is affiliated with an organisation, they are excluded from scoring that entry.  The average of the other judges' scores is used in place of their score.

  6. What’s the deadline for submissions ?

    Answer 5pm 27 May 2024

  7. Is an entry fee required to be for each entry submitted ?

    Answer Yes for the 2024 Awards IMAP has introduced an entry fee of $245 plus GST per entry submitted, which includes one free ticket for a person to attend the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 22th August 2024. This has to be apdi using a credit card via the Stripe paymetn gateway and please note that you will receive an email confirmation of your payment in the form of an IMAP tax invoice.

If you are unsure then please contact the IMAP awards team on
or call Jenny Phimleut IMAP Program Director on 02 8003 4147
Brad Matthews
Brad MatthewsInvestment Consultant
Brad has 30 +years experience in the finance industry and is a highly regarded investment strategist. After working in the money and foreign exchange markets in the mid-1980s, Brad held various economist roles at St. George Bank. He then moved into executive management positions at St. George, including being the Head of the Cards and ATMs division. Prior to establishing his own investment consultancy business in 2015, Brad worked in investment research at the AMP Group for 12 years, which included roles as Head of Research and Head of Investment Strategy for AMP Group financial planning licensees. For the past 24 years, Brad has been editor of a newsletter known as “Plain English Economics”, which is read by secondary students studying economics.
Dominic McCormick
Dominic McCormick Portfolio Manager - Select Asset Management
Dominic McCormick has worked in financial services and investment management for 33 years. He co-founded multi-asset and alternatives manager Select Asset Management in 2002 which was sold to OneVue Limited in 2014. He is the Portfolio Manager of the Select Listed Investments Fund and the Select Real Return Fund. He also provides investment consulting services with a focus on portfolio construction, real return investing and listed fund
Louis Christopher
Louis ChristopherDirector & Founder - SQM Research
Louis established SQM Research in 2006. Between 2006 to 2010 He was Head of Research For Adviser Edge Property Ratings before buying out the division into SQM Research. Prior roles include General Manager & Head of Research of property statistics agency, Australian Property Monitors (APM) for 6 years, where he constructed key residential property market indexes published by the Reserve Bank of Australia, and 3 years as Technical Editor at the Securities Institute of Australia . Louis and SQM are widely respected for the quality and accuracy of market outlooks and ratings philosophy on all asset classes.
Nigel Douglas
Nigel DouglasCEO - Douglas Funds Consulting
Douglas Funds Consulting is an independent research firm that undertakes customised fund and client specific research projects as well as investment committee and non-executive director roles. Mr Douglas has over 30 years financial markets experience with high level expertise in investment manager research, asset allocation and macroeconomics.
Robert da Silva
Robert da SilvaHead of Research - Research IP
Rob is Head of Research at Research IP, the dominant fund research firm in New Zealand, and is leading their expansion into the Australian Market. He has 39+ years of experience across two careers as a highly regarded investment manager & a leading research ratings expert. Rob has been on the IMAP Managed Awards Judging Panel for 4 years including 2024. Most recently, Rob spent nine years as Head of Research at SQM Research (2014 to 2023), leading, developing, and mentoring a strong analyst team and driving ratings coverage to grow from 45 to 450 across all asset classes. Over that time, he has assessed, rated, and reported on over 300 fund managers and 1,730 products across all asset classes. Under his leadership, SQM Research received market acclaim by being voted No.1 in the Financial Newswire Rating the Ratings Houses Research Survey for 2022. His previous role was as Head of Research and Deputy CIO at van Eyk Research, a leading research house. Prior to this, Rob spent 23 years directing and managing the extensive multi-billion-dollar fixed-income capabilities at BT Funds Management and Principal Global Investors, prominent and highly regarded investment firms. His responsibilities included team leadership, strategic & tactical asset allocation, duration and credit strategy, macroeconomic and market analysis, amongst others. Rob is active in speaking engagements & participation at conferences. He holds aBBus (Finance & Economics), M Finance, GDip Applied Finance, and is a FINSIA Fellow
Toby Potter
Toby PotterIMAP Chair
Toby has championed managed accounts and IMAP's mission for many years and is a key contributor for IMAP (along with others) in representation to ASIC on changes to MDA regulations, FASEA and to the Royal Commission His experience in the wider investments market is extensive, and his advice & experience is frequently sought after for his insights and detail. Toby is well known to many of the people in the advice, managed accounts and investment businesses.. His working experience includes key roles for NAB, IOOF, Morningstar, Managed Accounts, SFG Australia

 2024 IMAP Managed Account Awards - Terms & Conditions of Entry

We are delighted that you would like to participate in the IMAP Managed Account Awards (‘Awards’).

This document is our ‘Terms and Conditions’ (‘Terms’), and if you would like to enter and participate in the Awards, you will need to adhere to these Terms.

The Awards are conducted by the Institute of Managed Account Professionals Limited (ABN 57 125 794 274), of 10 Willawa St, Bowgowlah Heights, Sydney NSW 2000 (‘IMAP’, ‘we’, ‘us, ‘our’).

Any reference to ‘you’ or ‘your’ in these Terms includes you in your personal capacity, as a representative of the business, as well as your business being entered into and as a participant of the Awards.

Who can enter?

The IMAP Managed Account Awards recognise that different investment approaches mean different portfolio types. So, the Awards are open to:

  • all legal structures – SMA / MIS, MDA, Wholesale MDA, IDPS, IDPS Like
  • all investment types – direct stocks, managed funds, ETFS; and
  • all portfolio managers – including investment managers, AFS Licensees / dealer groups and research house managed portfolios.

    Note: This includes portfolios which are managed by a licensee but which are sub-advised by one or more investment managers or asset allocation specialists.

You need not be the Responsible entity, MDA Provider or IDPS Operator of the managed account portfolios to enter the Awards. However, you must disclose all the parties involved in advising on asset allocation, portfolio management or security selection or similar in the portfolios you enter.

Ground rules

In order to enter the Awards, you:

  • Must comply with these Terms;
  • Must hold an AFSL;
  • May enter in your role as portfolio manager, investment manager or similar for one or more portfolios which are presented as Managed Accounts;
  • Agree that the judges’ decision is final and will be arrived at using such assessment or methodology which they believe is appropriate to meeting the objectives of the Awards program and may include material or information in addition to the material you submit;
  • Warrant to us that the information you provide is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate in all material respects; and
    Agree that we may request confirmation of any information you provide, for example in the form of reports or meeting minutes.
  • Agree that material submitted after the deadline of 5.30pm on 27th May 2024 will not be considered unless requested by the judges
  • Agree that only submissions completed as per the instructions will be accepted
  • Agree that only one submission per category per entrant will be allowed
  • Agree that only balanced portfolios or equivalent are to be submitted in the multi asset class, Licensee and Boutique Licensee Managed Account portfolio categories
  • Data is to be supplied to IMAP in the spreadsheet template provided.

At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to declare your entry into the Awards ineligible, or disqualify your entry if:

  • You have not complied with these Terms;
  • Your entry form is incomplete;
  • You are unable to represent or promote the Awards in an appropriate or satisfactory manner;
  • The information you have submitted to us is misleading, false or provided unlawfully; or
  • We believe for whatever reason in our sole opinion that you or your business are involved in conduct or activity that is fraudulent, illegal and/or may harm us and our reputation.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We collect your information, including personal information as defined under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), in order to conduct the Awards.

Our privacy statement will apply for your involvement in the Awards. You’ll find our Privacy Policy at

As part of your participation, we collect all kinds of information relating to you and your business, including your responses to the entry forms.

We will share this only with the judging panel. By entering into and participating in the Awards, you consent that those with access to your information to use it to judge or administer the Awards, however, the fact that you have participated may be made available to our subscribers and sponsors.

If you would like to access or correct the information that we hold about you, or wish to withdraw your consent to receive Awards material then please contact
Jenny Phimleut Program Director at IMAP on e:

Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights related to the Awards, including the information and data we collect, belong to IMAP. This does not extend to any intellectual property rights you already owned prior to entering the Awards which remain your intellectual property. Any data or other material which you provide will only be used for the purpose of judging the Awards.

The judges may be subject to conflicts of interest and will tender declarations to that effect. Any affected judge will be excluded from consideration of the conflicted entrant.

You agree that we may use your logo and name in any material which promotes the Awards. You agree to allow us and the Sponsors to contact you to provide comments about the Awards, to take photos or video footage of you, your business and your representative(s), and use any of the material collected as part of your participation. If we do use any of the materials listed above, you grant us a royalty free license to use the materials for promotional purposes in relation to the Awards.

Use of the IMAP Managed Account Award Logo

If you are a winner of an Award, we will grant you a royalty free license to use the relevant trophy device for promotional purposes, so long as you use it in the form which we provide you.

If you are a finalist in an Award category, we will grant you a royalty free license to use the relevant trophy device for promotional purposes, so long as you use it in the form which we provide you and so long as you are a financial subscriber to IMAP.

To become a financial subscriber please click here to go to this information area on the IMAP website

Please note that IMAP uses the Stripe payment gateway to process credit card transactions

The small print

To the extent permitted by law, neither IMAP (including its officers, employees and agents) nor the judges will be liable for any loss (including indirect or consequential loss), damage or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the Awards. You will indemnify us and our officers, employees and agents including the judges against any loss or liability from any claim or action that arises as a result of a breach of these Terms by you, or your use of the materials or information supplied by you under these Terms.

By entering the Awards, you agree to submit to the laws of New South Wales, and the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that place and the courts of appeal from them.

If you have any questions on the Awards please contact Jenny Phimleut - IMAP Program Director on

Email Address:

Phone: +61 2 8003 4147

In 2024 we have two changes.

The name of the "ESG Portfolio" category has changed to "Responsible Investing Portfolios"

An entry fee of $245 plus GST per entry has been introduced, which includes one free ticket to attend the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 22th August 2024....please see the FAQs if you wish to read more on this.



IMAP thanks our Sponsors for supporting the IMAP Managed Account Awards and the opportunity to recognise quality of service in the Australian Managed Accounts industry


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Phone: +61 2 8003 4147 

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