2017 Investment Webinars

May 9 2017 - Manager Due Dilligence - making sure the next van Eyk Blueprint isn’t in your Group’s Portfolios (sponsored by OneVue)

Manager Due Dilligence - Chris Addy, Castle Hall
What are the different levels of dilligence that allocators can consider?
What are the major risks which an ODD process can assess?
What are the key traits of a viable investment manager?
Why is Operational Due Diligence important, especially for an investor looking for diversity?

March 8 2017 - Using managed accounts for investments that are difficult to reach for individual clients (sponsored by IOOF)


Jason Entwistle - HUB24, Hugh Williams - Pitt Street Real Estate Partners and Peter Harper- Betashares

Entire presentation
What are the risks a portfolio manager can protect against?

February 7 2017 How to deliver on your portfolio promises - portfolio construction in Managed Accounts (sponsored by OneVue)


Dominic McCormick, Head of Investment Strategy, Select Funds and Theo Maas, Global Portfolio Manager, Arnhem Investment Management

Using Bonds through a separately managed account sponsored by IOOF
What constraints affect portfolio construction in global equity accounts?
Should asset allocation be adjusted for assets not easily accessed?
How should investors plan for concentration risk?

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