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Information on the managed accounts industry in Australia is highly sought after and IMAP's goals include informing the market and public in general about Managed Accounts. You will find below information papers that have been either written by IMAP or by IMAP's supporting managed account professionals and organisations.
Please respect copyright and cite IMAP and the authors as the information sources.


Managed accounts: Building your future business

Based on research and insights from Business Health and IMAP, Colonial First State's new white paper Managed accounts: Building your future business, presents a multi-faceted analysis of the impact of managed accounts within advice practices.

Through clear data and real life insights the report explores:

  • The benefits of managed accounts, from greater client engagement and investment outcomes, to improved efficiency and business performance for advisers
  • How these benefits can grow over time as managed accounts are embedded into an advice practice.  


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Two Roads to a single destination

How should Licensees and advises choose the managed account that best meets their business objectives and client needs?

Prepared by IMAP for BT Panorama


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